Giant Games 5 Pack

Family games package is for little ones, older kids and adults so make sure your selection suits everyone. There is a photo of all the games that you can choose from for you family event.

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150€ per session


The perfect family fun games package at any party or event. You and all your guests will love this BOX IT party games package its fun fun fun guaranteed.  This package is to include a mixture of little ones and older kids up to adults.You will need to select which 5 games you would like to have for you and your family. All the photos of the games are shown and the list is below.

Let the fun begin.

Draughts, Connect 4, Jenga, Twister, Snakes and Ladders, Disc Shot,  Hula Hoops, Giant bowling, Kerplunk, sack races, giant dominoes, Pick up sticks, Dart Ball Target. Ride ons, Scuttlebugs, Mini motos, Mini dominoes,parachute,Giant Dominoes, Lawn Darts, Quoits,


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