Giant Kerplunk

Giant version of the classic Kerplunk game, take turns to pull the giant straws out without letting the balls drop out. This is a great game that’s fun for all ages suitable for any event.

Its simple aim and rules mean it will provide hours of fun and endless competition at any event.

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40€ per session


Cannon Ball Drop Hire

  • Giant version of the classic Kerplunk game, a tall brightly coloured tower.
  • Take turns to pull the giant straws out without letting the balls drop out.
  • A great game that’s fun for all ages
  • Great for parties and any outdoor events
  • Stands 1.2m tall and includes 30 cannonballs and 24 coloured straws

The game is based on the design of a castle turret. Cannonballs are suspended in the air supported by coloured straws. Remove the straws one by one and watch the balls fall down inside the castle tower. The winner is the player with the least balls at the end of the game!

Variations on the game

  • Players can choose a straw colour and then only remove a straw of that colour when it is their turn to play
  • You can choose to give a forfeit whenever a player makes any of the balls drop through the tower
  • Or you can make the loser of the game the player who makes the last ball drop to the bottom of the tower, no matter how many balls they have made drop during the rest of the game.

Includes 30 cannonballs and 24 coloured straws. Stands 1.2m (4ft) tall. Suitable for 2-3 players – Age 5+

Whats included in the equipment hire price.

The equipment you see is the equipment you will get for your Party or Event. Whilst some colours and styles may vary slightly from our posted photographs the game will be the same. All your equipment will be safe, maintained, tested before each rental and be party ready for you. We will arrange a delivery time that suits everyone depending on where you live.

The classic kerplunk style game in giant size to add to your celebrations will be the talk of the party for everyone. We at BOX IT party know how to give you the best fun at your celebration. We operate a 7 days a week service therefore guaranteeing a reliable, prompt service, no matter what.
The game is tough and hard-wearing so is ideal for children at parties, weddings and corporate entertainment.

The game is perfect for inside or outside and everyone will love it and want it at their party too.

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